What Surprises Foreigners in Russia?

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Russia is a big country. Russians act and think big. Nature has not been kind to Russia. The harsh and cold climate explains the Russian strength, their ability to overcome hardships, as well as their patience and submission. Their cruel climate, harsh history, and skeptical outlook on life have made Russians value stability, security, social order, and predictability, and to avoid risk. Foreigners often get culture shock in Russia. What are things that surprise foreigners very much? They are:

  • such colossal things as the Cathedral of Jesus Christ the Savour, the Kremlin’s Palace of Congresses, the Mother Russia Monument in Volgograd;
  • Russian people take off shoes and leave them outside the door;
  • Russians eat cold soup “Okroshka”;
  • Russians wash dishes under running water, it’s wasteful!
  • heavy traffic in Russian cities;
  • a great number of pretty girls and luxury cars in Russia;
  • hospitality of Russians;
  • bad roads in Russia; etc.

To understand the Russians, one must know from where they come.