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I have renowned Denis Mikhlin for 10 years currently each professionally and personally. he is an incredible, devoted father of 2 children. Has worked very terribly arduous to urge where he's nowadays. He has worked his high the ladder through moral drive and determination. He now's a very triple-crown business owner of an organization that offers back to the Community. He started a corporation of a group of medical professionals that get in the homes of the underserved and practices in home medication. This was a far needed service that he saw an enormous want for once he worked in the pharmaceutical business. These patients solely have medicaid or health care. some of these patients he sees he does not even get bought but does it as a pay it forward service to serving to our community well and brought care of. Most of those patients cannot even leave their homes attributable to their medical condition and there simply aren't any services just like the one Mr. Mikhlin created together with his company. He paid out of his own pocket for medications to be taken out of the country to assist with Mission Medical trips. On a private note, he's a compassionate caring, moral kind soul. His heart is real and i know as my friend he would facilitate ME call at any capacity that I asked of him. i'm lucky to possess a person like Denis Mikhlin in my life and our community is blessed to have something who cares regarding them in such a cruel world that we have a tendency to board today.

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