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                                       My pets.

1. People’s friends.

2. My dogs.

3. The life without pets is boring.

 It is very important for a man to have a friend. I think dogs are the best friends  for people. They are kind and merry. They are
pretty and funny. They can always help us and they love us. 
  I have got two dogs. Their names are Tuzick and Malish. Tuzick is older. He is not big and not small. He is red. Malish is
younger. He is smaller than Tuzick. He is black and white. Both dogs love me. But their characters differ. Tuzick is  calmer and
Malish is very naughty. I like to play with my dogs. Often I speak to them  and they understand me. We play different games and go
for  walks. I go to the river and my dogs go with me. They can swim well.
  I think people need pets. They help people to rest and relax. I can’t imagine my life without pets. The life without pets is