"My native town"

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                                                      My native town.
     There is a place for each person, where he always wants to return to, where he is loved and waited.  

This is a small village or a city… In other words it is a native land,where you always wish to be. You want to be in that place on the map where you are loved and waited. I live in the village Kutino. And the very name itself exited my imagination; causes the warmest and the brightest memory. The nature here is beautiful in all seasons. It is like a fairy – tale, particularly when I see the flowers, feel their smell, it is getting fresh and easy on my soul. Particularly in this village I like the sundown, this is wonderful and full. When the sun is setting, the sky turns pink, and the trees on such background look splendid. I love this village, all my dearest and closest people live here. It is my native motherland; I did not ever leave this place. But I will go for study soon. I can imagine how sad and lonely it will be for me. Besides, I have plenty of friends, I am always supported by them. In my native land I am happy with all that is surrounded me. I love this place very much. It is my motherland!